Did you know that many of the exhibits at The True CRIME Museum come from CRIMES and CRIMINALS whose stories have been turned into MURDEROUS MOVIES!

Our Curator (and True CRIME movie obsessive) JOEL GRIGGS talks about three of his favourites…

“Here at the museum we have the original bottles that held the CONCENTRATED SULPHURIC ACID used by the British Serial Killer JOHN GEORGE HAIGH to dissolve his last victim. (You can see them in this video I made about the case here):

Haigh’s hideous and deceitful murders were also told in the 2002 ITV film; ‘A IS FOR ACID’ starring Martin Clunes as the killer. (The full movie is also on Youtube but the transfer quality is not brilliant, so buy the dvd)

I had LOW expectations for this, as I’m not a Clunes fan and often find UK TV true crime dramas bland and apologetic for the ugliness of their subject matter. No such issue here though, as into the oil drums go his victims, all soon reduced to sludge by the ferocious acid.

The period detail is accurate and interesting and CLUNES’ performance is surprisingly good as well. He plays Haigh as a conman with a character as oily as his Brylcreamed hair, oozing compliments, sucking their savings dry before heartlessly removing his victims from existence.

Highly recommended. Watch ‘A IS FOR ACID’ then try to escape that uncomfortable SHUDDER when you stand mere inches from Haigh’s acid containers here at the True CRIME Museum.